A&C jewellery has a laid-back and informal glamour that makes you feel relaxed and happy about yourself. We wish to express the positive joys of life – the feeling of being free and to have an open mind without living up to ideals and stereotypes. That’s why our motto is “Lust for life” – an inner positive energy, contagious to your surroundings.

A&C jewellery is high quality fashion jewellery, designed in Norway. The jewellery is original designs and handmade in limited editions. Each piece is carefully designed with a lot of love, attention and a great sense of detail, with over arching values of sustainability.

The design team of A&C travel around the world searching for influences to create just the right jewellery for the season. While they are inspired by fashion trends, art, history and the colourful diversity the world are strong forces in their design philosophy. The basic elements for creating an A&C jewellery will always be influenced by the special light, grandiose nature, landscape, pure air and fresh water of Norway….

A&C offers a wide range of beautiful jewellery collections, something to fit every individual. To meet our customers demand for creating their own personal style.