Custom Design

Be it a ring, necklace or earrings, made in gold, silver or platinum, let us design and make a custom piece for you. Let us capture and create your style.

For some people the thought of commissioning a piece of jewellery can be a daunting one. The usual questions come to mind; “isn’t it more expensive’, ’what if I don’t like it when its finished’. So… let me answer those questions for you.

Consultant ImageCommissioning a piece is not more expensive that purchasing an off the shelf item. However it does reflect better value for money and a guarantee of quality.  Secondly it is our goal to ensure that what you want, what you envisage, is exactly what we make for you. At Hyde’s you will speak directly with the jeweller who will design and manufacture your piece. There are no middlemen; we make our jewellery in our on-premises workshop. Here at Hyde’s the process of designing and having it made for you is simple and highly enjoyable. It is our goal, throughout the entire process, to work with you to ensure your personality and lifestyle are reflected in the piece.

The first step in our journey is to come in a meet and discuss with us what you want. You might have some ideas, and maybe some cuttings from magazines or jewellery websites you have explored.

During the initial meeting we discuss your ideas and start to understand what you want to achieve with the piece. We make suggestions, show you samples of our work and get a feel for your budget. It is completely free and without obligation to sit down and talk with us.  Also at this stage we will rough out a hand-drawn sketch and give you an estimated costing and time frame.

Square Cluster Group Image

From here we produce a computer-generated image. This is almost photo quality and shows all the detail in the design.  We can email you several images showing you different angles so you can truly understand the design.  At this point we ask for your comments and approval.

Once you have confirmed the design we give a firm quote for your consideration. And of course if you are happy, your one off piece of jewellery is underway! From this point it usually takes 6-9 working days to complete it.  We provide a valuation with all our pieces made.

Finished Ring ImageBench ImageSo, whether it be to your design or ours, we guarantee excellent value for money and finest workmanship.